2018 "GM Experience" Application

2019 "GM Experience" Application

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  1. I am a Junior at the University of Oregon, and currently a manager for the Oregon men’s basketball team. I am a manager because I am not playing college basketball. Knowing that I wanted to be a coach since my sophomore year of high school I needed to get my foot in the door. In my two and a half years I have made many connections in the basketball world. By being able to attend this event I will be able to expand my network and learn from some of the games best minds. Being able to learn from the speakers as well as anyone else who may be in attendance would be a dream come true. I believe this is an opportunity that could help take me to the next step in the long journey of becoming a coach.

  2. Attached are two quick websites I’ve created. The first being a simple AboutMe page which provides more information on my experiences and skills. The second, a website I created on the top prospects in the Mountain West conference which include my own self made breakdown videos. TheHelpSide was a joy to make, and is a site I’ve shared with all 30 NBA teams with the hopes that it will provide them with a sliver of benefit in some facet.

  3. The Pro Scout School/GM Experience would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for myself. I have an intense desire to learn more about the game from a talent observation perspective. This would afford me the chance to learn basketball beyond the surface level and take my knowledge to a completely different level. My personal experience is an asset that, I believe, gives me a distinct advantage over others. My desire to keep an open mind on all subjects and look beyond the surface provide me with a skill set that be helpful in the marketplace. I know this is a competitive business, but competition is what gets me up in the morning. I believe no job is done until every option is exhausted. All I need is that one chance that your program can provide.

  4. I love to be a professional scout and general manager in the NBA..I’m from Sierra Leone west Africa,but presently reside in china.

  5. I was aware of TPG this time last year, but I did not have the funds, and I never like asking my parents for money because they support three other children. After realizing the experience I missed out on last year, I made it my mission for this to not happen again. I’m in college, and I support myself. I work 20+ hours a week and I’m a full-time student, and I’m so happy that I was smart enough to save the $ I need to be able to get to TPG this year. I saved and recently purchased a ticket!! Although this may hurt my bank account right now, the experience, knowledge, and connections I make during this two-day span will be unforgettable.

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