Pro Scout School

2014 Pro Scout School Photos

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Pro Scout School Attendees
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Justin Zanik (Utah Jazz), Ryan McDonough (Phoenix Suns) and Jack Sikma
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Adam Filippi (Charlotte Hornets), Justin Zanik (Utah Jazz), Ryan McDonough (Phoenix Suns), Jack Sikma
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Fran Fraschilla with attendees
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Kevin Pritchard (Indiana Pacers) at the Networking Social
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Bob Donewald (Iowa Energy), Matt Doherty (Indiana Pacers) and Chris Alpert (D-League) at Scout School Networking Social
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Q&A Session with Scout School Speakers
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Ryan McDonough (Phoenix Suns, GM) with Scout School Attendees
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International Scouting Panel
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Charlie Wend (TPG), Ryan McDonough (Phoenix Suns), Pete Philo (Indiana Pacers), Justin Zanik (Utah Jazz), Fran Fraschilla (ESPN)
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Justin Zanik (Utah Jazz), Ryan McDonough (Phoenix Suns)
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Jim Stack (Former NBA GM, 6 time NBA Champion)
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Tony Ronzone (Dallas Mavericks), Kevin Pritchard (Indiana Pacers), Pete Philo and Matt Bollero (Minnesota Timberwolves)
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