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Agent School is the premier training ground for anyone interested in professional athlete representation. Perfect for aspiring¬†sports agents, Sports Agent School will offer real world experience and networking with the […]


Over the past 20 years, our management and Board of Directors have been successfully involved in professional sports and entertainment at the highest level including NBA Management, NBA Coaching, NFL […]

Our Staff

Over the past 20 years, TPG’s staff and Board of Directors have been successfully involved in basketball at the highest level as NBA management, scouts, coaches and personnel. We take […]


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  • Jake Matteson

    “The TPG Sports Group provides truly world-class products. Ran by some of the hardest workers I’ve come in contact with, TPG is all about promoting the right skills and tools to make it in the sporting world. Personally, I credit them for the leaps I have made in my professional life, and their is no hesitation when I say that they offer must-attend events for those looking to get into the sporting world.

  • Fran Fraschilla

    “Masters in Coaching Clinic was one of the best basketball clinics I’ve ever been a part of. First Class Event.”

  • Gilbert Abraham

    “TPG Sports Career Conference is an invaluable opportunity to meet and learn from professionals that you would otherwise not have any access too. I can attest from personal experience as a vendor and attendee that the staff at TPG is world class, and the speakers are as well. I have made great strides professionally and personally as a result of my involvement with TPG. I enthusiastically endorse the 2014 TPG Sports Career Conference and look forward to seeing you there!”

  • Tome Barros

    “A priceless opportunity to learn the ropes of the notoriously competitive sports world. The Sports Career Conference is an opportunity to hear and absorb advice from the best in the business while initiating lasting relationships in the sports industry.”

  • Fran Fraschilla

    “The TPG Sports Career Conference is a great first step for those looking at a career in sports.¬† The information will be outstanding and the networking an invaluable resource as well.”

  • Bob Hurley Sr.

    “I dont care where you travel your not gonna find more people that can give you the expertise and have had the day to day experience in the group that have been here two years in a row.”

  • Trista Langdon

    “It’s very important because you might not have the opportunity to meet some of these people in any other avenue than coming to a conference like this. To get this many professionals and people in the sports area in one place at one time is very rare.”


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